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Champions do not belong solely to the world of sports. Organizations are strengthened by having champions of innovation, excellence, and— above all— bravery. The First Pacific Leadership Academy is intent on producing champions for organizations in the Philippines and in the surrounding regions.


The First Pacific Leadership Academy sees a future where it serves as Asia's gateway to the future of business and innovation.

Core Values

  • Only the brave can truly innovate. It takes bravery to disrupt one's own organization; to challenge tradition; and to evolve the status quo in pursuit of the new and better.

  • We value truth and honesty. It is not always easy to be brave, but the knowledge that we're doing right by our clients and our country empowers us to lead change.

  • Everything we do must have a positive human impact. Concepts in leadership, innovation, and business cannot remain concepts. They must make their way into the real world and change the way we live for the better.


The Senior Management Team

Kay Donato-Biason

Deputy General Manager and Revenue Operations Director

Norman Morte

Property and Facilities Management Director

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