Team Building Activities

World-class organizations are composed of efficient and cohesive teams. We can help strengthen your group’s interpersonal relationships and unleash your potential for unheralded success. The Academy also offers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities that are designed to develop teamwork, trust and communication.


Indoor Activities

Pipe Relay

With pipes as the instrument in this activity, the goal is for the ball to travel with the help of the pipes until it lands on the finish line.

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Hoop Relay

The goal of this activity is to pass the hoop to the rest of the group until it reaches the person from where it started. The participants in this activity are formed in a circle and are holding hands.

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Helium Hoops

The goal of this activity is to bring the hoop to the ground by only using their pointer fingers.

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Physical Activities

Human Hamster

The goal is to traverse the start and finish line using the Human Hamster Track Plates.

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Team Jump Rope

For the team to complete consecutive number of rounds of jump rope.

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Wooden Ski

The goal is for the team is to travel the distance designated for the course using the wooden skis.

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Low Course Activities

Spider Web

The web has 37 passable holes and the idea is for the whole group to get to the other side without any body touching the web. Each hole is passable by one person only.

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The Arrow Head

This is a buddy activity, the idea is for the two persons to walk across the cable facing each other and reach the end of the cable.

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Electric Fence

The purpose of this activity is for the group to strategize on how to get to the other side. The only way is through the square opening with a size of 2’ x 2’.

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Log Crossing

The goal is for one group to stand on one side and another at the other side and they are to exchange place without any body falling.

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Snake Pit

The idea is for the group to pass through the pit by crawling in without any part of their body or clothing touching the braided rope. Another way to go about is to pass through by stepping in the squares or holes where there are ribbons attached to it.

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Alligator Swamp

The idea is for the group to cross the swamp by leaping from one stump to the other without anybody from the group falling. The leader of the group or a safety officer will be the one to guide the one who is crossing.

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Other Activities

Uranium Balls

The goal of this activity is to transfer balls from one pail to another without spilling any. If any of the balls weren’t shoot to the other pail, the team will have to go back to the start.

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Bird-Box Challenge

The objective of this activity is to instill teamwork by picking all the colored balls assigned to the team within the 15 minutes timeframe.

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Black Hole

The objective of this activity is to make the ball fall into the biggest hole after it travels around all the holes without falling through a hole or off the tarpaulin.

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I am delighted that I have FPLA’s Leadership and Innovations programs as part of my arsenal to help me gain new insights, challenge assumptions, brew up new ideas, and learn from luminaries, peers and colleagues. Maraming salamat sa FPLA.

Joseph Lacson,
Chief Investments Officer
Metro Pacific Investments Corporation

I’ve seen many many companies, and I’d say FPLA is one of the best when it comes to customization. This iterative process of coming to the exact program design that works for the people — that is, I think, one of FPLA’s outstanding features.

Ravi Aron, Ph. D.

FPLA has always been our preference for high-profile events. When we have the Mayors and the Governors [as guests], this has always been the prime venue.

Paolo Pagaduan
Project Manager
World Wide Fund for Nature – Philippines

Our team always likes going out of town, but if we need a session not too far from Manila, the First Pacific Leadership Academy is the top-of-mind-location for our teaming sessions - They’re close by; they have good indoor and outdoor facilities, and they are flexible enough to accommodate our needs.

John Raymond Cruz
HR Manager
Main Office of Mang Inasal Philippines
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