Championing Excellence

November 02, 2021

Plan for the coming year and drive the excellence required to be better and wiser champions of your organization.

We are nearing the end of 2021 but here at FPLA, we continuously strive to provide learning opportunities to our clients as we are committed to creating change and producing champions of different organizations.



Regular rate

January 20, 2021
Post Crisis Management: Tying Loose EndsPhp 1568
January 28, 2021
The Future of Workplace: Managing the Young Members of the OrganizationPhp 1568
February 9-11
First 2 days 9am-12pm
Last day 10am-12pm
Adapting to the Evolving Game of MarketingPhp 3472
February 18, 2021
Effective Financial AnalysisPhp 1568
February 21 and 23
Achieving Organizational Goals by Managing Team PerformancePhp 3472
March 11, 2021
Financial Forecasting: Mapping a Better Future for your OrganizationPhp 1568
March 16-18
First 2 days 9am-12pm
Last day 10am-12pm
Leadership Principles: Equipping Yourself to be a Next Level LeaderPhp 3472
March 29-31
First 2 days 9am-12pm
Last day 10am-12pm
Time and Productivity ManagementPhp 3472
MonthCoursesRegular rate
April 7


Problem Solving for Effective Decision MakingPhp 1568
April 22-23

First 2 days 9am-12pm

Last day 10am-12pm

Impactful Public SpeakingPhp 3472
April 29


Refocus and Move Forward: A Stress Management ProgramPhp 1568
May 13


Collaboration in the Digital WorkplacePhp 1568
May 18-20

First 2 days 9am-12pm

Last day 10am-12pm

Effective Employee Engagement PracticesPhp 3472
May 27


Mindfulness in the OrganizationPhp 1568
June 1-3

First 2 days 9am-12pm

Last day 10am-12pm

Leading Great Teams: Leveraging Teamwork in the Hybrid WorkplacePhp 3472
June 8-10

First 2 days 8am-12pm

Last day 9am-12pm

Project Management Principles and PracticesPhp 3696
June 249am-12pmReskilling and Upskilling the WorkforcePhp 1568








Come join us in preparing for 2022 with the drive and excellence to be better, and wiser champions of your organization!

For more inquiries contact us at 8 696-3051 / 0947 993 2124.

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